Night Driving Safety Tips

July 22, 2019
Posted by: Lica Auto Administrator

It’s that wonderful time of the year again! And during Ber-months, we expect Christmas, cold weathers and of course – earlier and longer night time. At 6 o’clock, the sky’s starting to grow dark —roads are filled with beaming lights from traffic’s cars.

According to studies, accident rates at night are higher than during the day. Well, how could it be when cars are fewer after dusk?

One problem is vision. It is true that our depth perception, peripheral vision and color recognition decreases without the favor of sunlight. So it’s really up to the driver to stay focused and alert while driving at night.

Here are some tips to help you drive in the night safely:

  1. Keep headlights on one hour before dusk and one hour after dawn to increase your vehicle’s visibility.
  2. Don’t outdrive the beams of your headlights. In other words, reduce your speed.
  3. Maintain a greater-than-normal distance from the car in front of you. Distances are more difficult to gauge at night.
  4. Don’t ignore eye fatigue. Address immediately with frequent stops and brisk walks. Or pull into a rest area and catch a nap.
  5. Eye exams are recommended once every three years for drivers younger than 40; every two years for drivers between 41 to 60; and once a year for drivers older than 60. If you have perfect vision but have trouble seeing at night, simple glasses with anti-reflective lenses could help.

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