What To Consider When Buying Pre-Owned Cars?


Buying a pre-owned car saves time and effort. It is practically ideal for first time drivers to get a second hand one considering the tight budget and the durability of the car as it was tested by time. But, we’re not saying that you should not buy a brand new car as it all depends on your needs. It is always good to drive a brand new one, however, the moment you drive off the dealership, your car already depreciated its value from its purchase price. And if you are a first time driver, you may encounter scratches and all while learning how to drive.

If you plan to buy a pre-loved vehicle, here are some factors you need to consider when selecting the right ride:

  1. Mileage
    More mileage means more issues in the future. A car with higher mileage shows the extensive usage of the previous owner. Also check if the odometer is tampered or not, to identify if it was, check the steering wheel and the pedals and see if the traces of actual usage match the mileage.
  2. Sign of Damage
    Inspect the car for any sign of discoloration or overspray of paint. This might help distinguish if the car has gone through several repairs. Also check the locks if the mechanism is working.
  3. Running on humps
    When you test drive a used car, try to run it on regular humps and observe how will it react on bumpy situations. This will help you find out if there are some loose joints and clanking noise.
  4. Leakage
    Check under the vehicle for leaks. If it leaks with water, it was probably from the air conditioner or from the radiator. Check the engine and see if it is prone to overheating. If there are leakages of oils, then you might want to reconsider and not buy the vehicle because this might pose a serious problem in its system.
  5. Check the year model
    Always see the ongoing market rate of that particular car brand and year model for price comparison.
  6. Can’t touch it
    Brand new cars are usually brought to respective dealers for maintenance and repairs. Why should you know who does the repair? A old vehicle maintained in the dealership has an advantage of retained original parts and completeness of preventive maintenance schedule required by manufacturer’s warranty. Replacement parts may be cheaper but might cause failure on engine performance later on.
  7. Steal or no deal
    Make sure that the car you are eyeing to buy is not a stolen one. Check for records and official receipt that validate the legality of sale.


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