Resolutions? Nahh, that’s for the oldies. Here’s your tips!


The year 2017 has finally come! New Year’s Resolutions are the list of things that people make to start anew or if they want to have changes in their routine. For drivers, here are the top five motoring-related tips to start this year.

1. Drive courteously

Driving can be frustrating, especially with the country’s pervasive traffic problems. With traffics here and there, make it one of your resolutions this year to keep yourself cool and be a courteous driver. By being mannerly on the road, you can avoid road rage and potential accidents that may happen.

2. Focus on the road

Texting while driving is extremely dangerous and against the Republic Act 10913 or the Anti-Distracted Driving Act,which penalizes motorists who engage in distracted driving while driving or while stopped by a red traffic light on the road. If you can’t avoid using your smart phones with helpful applications such as the MMDA App and Waze, just keep in mind that these apps are only supposed to help you, not become the main focus of your attention.

3. Be a fuel-efficient driver

Be thrifty with your gas consumption this year. Even though being stuck in Metro Manila’s traffic is a headache and costly on gas. There are ways to save up on fuel without completely abandoning your car in the garage. Do not drive aggressively as doing this will only make your car use more fuel than usual. Try not to brake or accelerate too hard and keep your steering as even as possible.Slow down when you’re nearing the stop light or when an intersection requires you to stop.

4. Keep your car clean

Start fresh this year! With the Philippines’ tropical weather, it is important to take the extra steps needed to ensure the longevity of your car and to protect it from the weather’s harmful effects. Thus, keep it a habit to visit your local car wash at least twice a month. Take out all the trash and unnecessary items in your vehicle. Driving a clean car will surely put you in a good mood and it will also boost your confidence.

5. Schedule your car’s maintenance

As a car owner and driver, it is your responsibility to have your cars brought to the dealership for a check-up at least every six months. A well-maintained car is a way to ensure safety when driving. Keeping your engines in tune will help you save money by preventing bigger and more expensive car problems.

There you have it —the driving resolutions that everyone can benefit from! Drive safely, relax, and enjoy the New Year!

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