MMDA reveals traffic rerouting, road closures for Black Nazarene Feast


What is the Feast of Black Nazarene? The feast of the Black Nazarene is one of the largest and most awaited processions for most Catholics in the Philippines. This is an annual event held every 9th of January and on Good Friday in the streets of Quiapo. Millions of people from all walks of life gather together to be part of this grand procession (traslacion). Some come barefooted as a sign of humility and all devotees would shout “Viva Señor” while throwing towels to be wiped on the Black Nazarene status as it pass. Many people believed that the Black Nazarene, the holy life-sized iconic statue of Jesus Christ is miraculous and that whoever touched the Nazarene will be healed of their sickness. Procession of the Black Nazarene The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) revealed the procession route of the Feast and the alternate routes for the motorist. According to their Twitter post, the translacion or the procession route will start on Quirino Grandstand at 7p.m. and will end on Quiapo Church. The procession will go through Katigbak Drive through P. Burgos St. which will then go left to Carlos Palanca St. through Quezon Bridge. After that, it will pass by Quezon Boulevard and Arlegui Street. It will then go to Fraternal, Vergara, Duque de Alba, Castillejos, and Farnecio streets before going back to Arlegui Street and head towards Nepomuceno, Aguila, and Carcer streets. The procession will continue to Hidalgo through Plaza Del Carmen and Bilibid Viejo through Gil Puyat. After which, procession will proceed to Guzman, Hidalgo, and Barbosa streets before going to Globo de Oro through Quezon Bridge. The Nazarene will pass by Palanca Street and Villalobos through Plaza Miranda to get to Quiapo Church.   Alternate routes for all vehicles: * Vehicles coming from Quezon City through España should turn right at P. Campa, left on Andalucia, right on Fugoso, and left on T. Mapua to reach their destination. * All PUJs/light vehicles coming from España and headed for the South Pier should turn left on Nicanor Reyes, right on Claro M. Recto, straight to R-10, and then left on Delpan Bridge to reach their destination. * Vehicles coming from the northern part of Manila planning to take the southbound lane of Bonifacio Drive should turn right at Robert Oca Street, left on Delgado, left on Bonifacio Drive (for those going to the Port Area) or right on A. Soriano to Magallanes Drive, right on P. Burgos, and straight to Lagusnilad to Taft Avenue. * All vehicles coming from Legarda should turn right at Claro M. Recto or left on Mendiola to their destination. * Northbound vehicles on Roxas Boulevard and Osmeña Highway coming from the southern part of Manila should turn right at President Quirino Avenue and take Nagtahan Bridge to destination. * Motorists heading toward the northern or southern part of Manila are also advised to utilize the stretch of A.H. Lacson to Nagtahan (and vice versa), or R-10 to Roxas Boulevard (and vice versa) to destination.   Resources: