Gift ideas. . . from the heart


Do you know someone who’s in love with his/her car? We found a way to bring the three of you together this Valentine’s Day! Here are gift suggestions for that car enthusiast in your life:

Dash cameras have become more and more popular in the Philippines. It is significantly helpful as it serves as a driver’s extra pair of eyes. It can be used for tracking driving adventures and documenting accidents. If you have an explorer or road trip lover in the family, this is a great gift that lets them record their travels.
Price: PHP 600- 4,000

Car Mount is great for those without a full Bluetooth voice control system in their car. It’s helps the driver to stay hands-free while easily using their phone in taking an urgent call. The twist lock can be adjusted in any direction to ensure proper viewing and its universal cradle ensures that any smartphone model will fit perfectly.
Price: PHP 250 – 1,000

A multiple port car charger is the perfect gift to keep everyone connected while travelling. No more sharing the charger on long drives, especially while stuck in traffic!
Price: PHP 500 – 1,000

Not everyone needs a Bluetooth headset. But if he/she is someone who’s hopping on and off the phone throughout the day or if they frequently talk ton the phone while driving, a Bluetooth headset is the best gift as it enables the driver to make wireless and hands-free calls.
Price: PHP 300 – 1,000

Cars can get pretty smelly and sometimes the driver doesn’t notice. Thus, air freshener is essential among the many gifts for drivers. It helps not only to freshen the air, but sanitizes it too—reducing airborne bacteria for better air quality. It also helps remove the smell of smoke or other unpleasant odors.
Price: PHP 130 – 500

May it be for your lover or for a family member, these gift suggestions will definitely make your loved ones happy without splurging or going over the budget. So, share the love, enjoy the drive, make this Love Month the most wonderful time of your life.