Membership Services


Road Rescue is our membership and subscription product focused on roadside emergency services.

Road Rescue operates a 24/7 call center, a fleet of shuttle vehicles, and trained Hertz drivers and Rapide and car dealership mechanics, who will pick you up at the roadside if your enrolled vehicle breaks down. We will bring you, in a Hertz vehicle, to your home or office, while your vehicle is repaired, driven, or towed to the nearest participating repair shop. All of these are complimentary with your membership. Other privileges and discounts are also available to Road Rescue card holders.

One-time-use cards as well as annual membership cards are also available.

Reasons why we are preferred over other insurance institutions

  • We are a one stop shop that caters to various car brands for both new business and renewals.
  • We deal with highly-rated providers and some, if not all, of the country’s most preferred insurance, which gives you a wide variety to choose from.
  • We offer competitive auto insurance benefit package.
  • Excellent and personable customer service
  • We require minimal claim document.
  • Fast and fair claims settlement
  • Automatic bank accreditation


What we offer:

1. Competitive, affordable premiums from a reputable and dependable insurance

2. Easy payment terms

  • Up to 4 months without interest
  • Up to 12 months with minimal interest

3. Simple and hassle-free claim service

  • Comparative job estimates not required
  • Pictures not required
  • Stencils not required
  • Police Report or notarized Affidavit not required depending on the nature of claim and insurer

4. Automatic casa repair

  • Dealership-based
  • Genuine Parts replacement
  • Brand new not surplus
  • Trained technicians

5. Fixed Deductible Franchise (Customer participation fee for Own Damage and Theft claim)

  • Sedan fixed at P2, 000 instead of 0.5% of sum insured
  • SUV, Pick-up, Wagon, Van fixed at P3,000 instead of 1% of sum insured 6. Value-added perks
  • Free Worldwide Personal Accident of P100, 000.00 for named insured
  • Free Security Glass Etching per request prior to policy issuance
  • Free Umbrella 7. Free 24-hour Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Vehicle Assistance
  • Free Towing – up to P4,000.00
  • Free Removal using crane – up to P15,000.00
  • Minor on site repair
    • Fuel delivery in case vehicle runs out of fuel
    • Battery boosting / jumpstarting in case of battery problem
    • • Locksmith service in case key is left inside the vehicle
    • Tire replacement in case of punctured tire >>>>>
  • Stay or travelling expenses due to immobilization of covered vehicle
  • Personal Assistance
  • Stay or traveling expenses due to immobilization of covered vehicle.
    • Hotel expenses of P2, 000 per night
    • Payment to traveling expenses if you choose to continue the journey >>>>>
  • Relay of Urgent messages in case of accident
  • Arrangement of legal assistance
  • Arrangement of hospital admission assistance
  • Dispatch of adjuster