Chevrolet, the “hero” that defies every fall and soon will be rising in Batangas City


It continues to rise because it has never fallen, and now another epic battle for Chevrolet will begin tomorrow, February 11, as it officially opens its doors to the Batangueños.

The grand inauguration of Chevrolet Batangas City will be graced by its dynamic Group General Manager- Carlo Montemayor and with the other important people who also play a big role behind Chevy’s success.

Be Chevy prepared Batangas City and watch out for Chevrolet’s top of the class cars such as Orlando, Trailblazer,Sonic, Camaro, Colorado, Malibu and a lot more.

Renowned as one of the top cars in the automotive industry, Chevrolet’s ultimate motoring performance will soon be experienced by the people of Batangas. Committed to give excellent service, Chevrolet does not only provide top-level cars, but also creates fashion in cars, and a heroic sensation that stirs up the driver’s emotional aspect.

Get your own Chevy now, and drive like a hero on the road!

Chevrolet Batangas dealership is operated by Juno Cars Inc. that is under Lica Auto Nation, an affiliate of Lica Group of Companies.