Breaking through the limit: Volvo excites with its new R-design S60 and XC60


It may be overrated for others, but for Volvo, everything must be done with excellence and exaggeration as everyone craves for more thrills and adventures.

Volvo has gone far beyond its limit, just to satisfy the driving fetish of its loyal customers. Built with a passion of sports, and a touch of class and elegance, Volvo S60 and XC60 are expected to exaggerate the term ‘cool’ and ‘excellence’.

These cars possess Volvo’s legendary R-design that calls for a sporty mode in driving. Volvo defines ‘R’ as racing, and everybody knows that the best thing that a driver can do is to race his car and outclass the other vehicles running around. Expect to intimidate the onlookers around and drive wild on the road, but don’t forget to abide with the traffic rules.

There are still a lot of things to excite you about the S60 and XC60. See these cars soon at our Volvo Alabang dealership!