Rapide Auto Service Centers started operations in 1998 with the opening of its first auto repair shop in Makati. Due to the tremendous demand for high quality, quick automobile repairs in the Philippines, we opened another four (4) shops in the same year. Today, we are the country’s leading chain of auto repair service centers, operating more than 50 shops nationwide and still expanding.



Rapide Shops are equipped with state of the art equipment, manned by highly competent and technical people who undergo training in accordance with international standards, and are supplied only with certified parts and products of best quality to guarantee total customer satisfaction. Rapide maintains only the highest level of quality that places our shops far beyond the competition and confirms our undeniable position as the leader among specialists in quick auto repair service centes.


Over the years, Rapide has developed the most successfully auto service center chain in the Philippines. Rapide Auto Service Centers are located at leading gasoline stations, malls, parking areas and key urban centers within the country. With the Philippine automotive marketplace rapidly evolving, Rapide’s notion of “Hassle Free Service” assures our customers of high quality products and excellent service.


We support MAP and the accreditation process because the customers are important to us. MAP is a national, non-profit organization in the United States that helps consumers and automotive maintenance and repair facilities communicate better to prevent problems and dissatisfaction. We maintain our MAP affiliation and compliance to give an extra comfort of knowing that we take this business seriously and professionally.


What our MAP accreditation mean:

  • CONTROL: As the customer, you have the control over what is done to your car.
  • HONESTY: We are upfront with the repairs your car needs and communicate as fully, as honestly as possible, abide by MAP’s Standard of Service and Pledge Assurance to customers and willing to put it in writing.
  • THOROUGHNESS: We use MAP’s Uniform Inspection and Communication Standard so you can see what our automotive experts have determined to be most appropriate for your safety and for your vehicle’s reliability.
  • QUALITY and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We will do anything to ensure your satisfaction. If you are dissatisfied however, we promise to provide dispute resolution services at no cost to you.


What you can EXPECT

Our technicians use MAP standards to determine what’s best to keep your car safe and reliable. We use the MAP Uniform Inspection and Communication Standards to indicate whether repair or replacement is “REQUIRED” or “SUGGESTED”. Look for our written recommendation when you are making decisions about repairing you car. And remember — YOU ARE IN CHARGE.



Rapide is open for franchising in several areas. For more information about Rapide, or to inquire about our franchising program, feel free to use the electronic form below.