A great bundle from Nissan’s Washover deal


Nissan North Edsa gladly announces the comeback of it’s sought after promo!

Giving you a chance to enjoy a fresh sight of your car with its original paint restored anew is Nissan’s Washover promo. With a starting price of Php 21,888, you may benefit from a paint wash-over that can put life back to your vehicle’s faded color.

And there’s more! With a starting price of Php 1,680, enjoy the pleasure of applying an interior detailing for your car. The promo also offers an undercoating service that would give an additional layer of protection and insulation to the undercarriage of your vehicle for as low as Php 2,800. Plus Nissan also assists Body Repair Insurance Claim of any automotive brands. What a great bundle from Nissan North Edsa!

So now, give your car a do-up and come visit us. For inquiries contact us at 990-6733/0917-5348943