2016 Resolutions to drive you to full throttle!

New Year's Resolution2

Bid goodbye to 2015 and start your 2016 right with these 10 achievable auto-related New Year’s resolution ideas from us:

1.Travel more with family

If you have missed to spend more quality time with your family the previous years, perhaps now is your chance to make it up to them. A cross-country road trip with your loved ones would be a nice idea to start the year right. And since summer vacation is just a few months away, you better start looking for good places to visit and save money for the incoming trip.

There are online travel agencies that can give you ideas about the best places to visit during summer. Do your research now and surprise them next.


2.Pay-off car loans

Having your car loan approved by a bank gives you that rewarding feeling as you are about to drive home the vehicle that you want. However, your car loan might be a burden later on as you start paying for the price of your debt.  This year, do a budget plan for all your daily expenses, and earn more resources so you can have flexible payment options and enough funds to clear your loan.


Perhaps buy the whole car, not just a month use of worth on it. Also check how much your payout will be throughout the entire term. The longer the term you extend for payment, the higher the amount of debt is incurred. Don’t let your dealer extend the term, better finish it soon.


3.Get your car in shape

Are you one of those people who resolve to get in shape this New Year? What about your car? A simple car maintenance service for your car like regular tire pressure checkup, tune-ups, brake checkup, or any body repairs would be an ideal way to help you save money and keep your car’s best driving performance. Also spend time to read your owner’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance for your car to avoid problems in the future.


4.Stop the idling habit

We are all aware that keeping a car’s engine on while on idle is not healthy. It’s not good for your wallet, your car, the environment and the people around you. Though idling warms up your car, but the best way to do it, is to drive the vehicle at a moderate speed. Idling for over 10 minutes can cause almost a quarter-ton of carbon dioxide emissions and eats up much gasoline.

So this year, learn to stop your idling habit, and save more on gas.


5.Buy that “car of your eye”

Owning a car is one of the best things you can reward yourself this year. Your success at your career deserves a nice ride to drive. So go on, buy that “car of your eye”.


6.Save money for your dream car

If this year is not yet the right time to buy a new car, perhaps start saving money for it. Next year might be the perfect one for you.  Enforce a money-saving rule for yourself.  To do this, keep yourself away from the malls, cook your food at home and don’t rely on deliveries, bring your own lunch at work, buy your needs not your wants, put aside your credit cards, and learn to say “no” to things which are not beneficial and necessary.  Self-restraint is all you need to save money. It’s not that hard at all.


7.Be early to avoid heavy traffic

In this modern time, especially in Metro Manila, the early bird catches the worm and escapes the carmageddon. One way to start the year right is to come to work or school early to avoid the heavy traffic.  Being prompt to your daily duties gives others a good impression of you. It reflects how you work, how you manage time, and your sincerity and commitment to things.

Getting early is one of the biggest challenges everyone faces everyday. From now on, get up early to start your day right as you may not want to be trapped in the middle of the road, unmoved.


8.Follow traffic rules

Change starts with you. And the best way to do it is to follow traffic rules and observe driving etiquette to avoid road rage. Also, be polite to the people you meet out there, from the traffic enforcers, other drivers, and even to the pedestrians crossing the street. Let the good vibes radiate within you everyday and make a good example to others.


9.Enforce a seatbelt rule

As you go off the driveway, always make sure to buckle up. A resolve that ensures safety may not be as great as the other resolutions mentioned above. But enforcing it to yourself and to the entire family can be one of your best moves to start the year right.

10.Adopt safe-driving habits

Road accidents are often caused by reckless driving. Adopting safe-driving habits does not only save lives but also reflects your personality. When driving, put your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, not on your cellphone. Driving safely shows that you are responsible and affectionate towards others. Be more focused when you drive, and come home safely.